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Here you will find the free download for the open-source novel - The Battle for Wesnoth: Heir to the Throne.

The Battle for Wesnoth Begins!

Queen Ashenviere has discovered the whereabouts of Konrad Weldyn and sent her orc assassins to eliminate the threat he poses, relentlessly pursuing him so she can continue her tyrannical reign over Wesnoth unabated.

Konrad discovers he’s the heir to the throne of Wesnoth—but doesn’t want the title and wants only to live in peace with his elven friends in the Aethenwood Forest.

Princess Li’sar combats the impostor for the throne, but learns a dark secret from her past hidden by her mother, Queen Ashenviere.

Discover who shall rule Wesnoth!

The Battle for Wesnoth

Heir to the Throne

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Battle for Wesnoth: Heir to the Throne (A Novel)

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Battle for Wesnoth: Heir to the Throne (A Novel)

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About the Novel

The novel is based on the open-source video game The Battle for Wesnoth campaign, Heir to the Throne. I wrote a novel of the campaign in hopes that a modified version will be included in the free video game. I would like to see a launcher button added which allows gamers to freely download novelized versions of campaigns. By putting the story to pen and releasing it into the wild I hope to attract further attention and promote support for the game and the Battle for Wesnoth platform ( Also, I wrote the book to encourage others to take a chance in writing an open-source novel. I hope this inspires others to join in. Please enjoy the first ever The Battle for Wesnoth: Heir to the Throne novel!

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Source Code (Manuscript)

The source code is in an Open Document Text (.odt) format. To properly view the source code you will need a word processor such as LibreOffice Writer which can be downloaded for free at:

Source Code (Manuscript) Download: The Battle for Wesnoth: Heir to the Throne Manuscript

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Enjoy the story! :)